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  website builder reviewed by CNET  

"Whether you're building Flash files for the first time or you're a more experienced Web developer looking for a way to save time, this program won't let you down." ( review)

  A4Desk Flash Website builder review by PCOpen  

(Italian) "... A4Desk: permette di costruire siti in Flash gratis, con una comoda interfaccia visuale ...." (PCOPEN review)

  A4Desk Flash builder review by TUCOWS  

".... So, if you'd like to get into creating flash, but don't have time to learn how, check out A4Desk Flash Website Builder. It will give you great results and no headaches. I recommend it!" (Tucows review)


Windows Vista

Windows Vista Magazine

Magazine / Editor Reviews (Spanish) "A4Desk 4.0 Crea paginas Web llenas de animaciones Flash sin tener conocimentos de programacion.

Flash and Flex Developer's Magazine

Flash and Flex Developer's Magazine

"An easy to use flash web site builder. Create your own web site and presentation in minutes... The design possibility is unlimited..."


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